Lotus will come back stronger in 2011

Jarno Trulli behind the wheel in the 2010 Lotus - Abu Dhabi

After a succesful first season finishing 10th in 2010, and being the best of the best of the “new” teams, Team Lotus insist there expectations are high for 2011. Jarno Trulli claims that the row over the Lotus name has helped to spur the team on.

Both teams will be the closest watche rivals in 2011 with no-one having much idea into where Team Lotus and Lotus Renault GP will end up on the grid. Both teams will use Renualt engines but Team Lotus have a deal with Red Bull to use their gearboxes for 2011.

Mike Gascoyne (Chief Technical Officer of Team Lotus) said: “This year’s car is a much more contemporary design. The car really will be a midfield runner. It’s a modern F1 car.”

Jarno Trulli speaks of his thoughts about the situation

“I think it has motivated a lot of people here,” he said. “That stretches from the management like Tony Fernandes through to the shareholders, who have been through a lot of difficulties, and down to the last members of the team.

“What Tony did was unique. He has worked hard to bring the Lotus name back on track, which no-one had done for many years. He also just didn’t go out there and buy a team.

“He and Mike [Gascoyne] made up the team from scratch – which comes from the Lotus mentality. It would have been easier to buy a team, but that is not what Colin Chapan did. He drew his own and manufactured his own F1 cars.

The 2011 Renault Lotus GP livery on the 2010 Renualt F1 car, This is not the 2011 Team Lotus Livery.

“They can argue and they can go to court, but at the end of the day the people understand what Team Lotus is and why it is doing what it is doing.”

We know that Group Lotus is going to sponsor the Renault team, and that is a very different thing – we have to make that very clear.

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